Get the Best Brand Domain For Your Great Idea is the most unique and valuable cannabis insurance domain available anywhere.
What makes so valuable? There are many reasons. The brand cannsurance is unique yet spceifically relates to cannabis and insurance.

This means the name cannsurance is super easy for people to recognize, relate to, and remember and share providing you the owner tons of free referrals and sales leads

Another thing that makes so valuable is that only one insurance business lead generation business or domain investor can own this domain name. and as we say at "If you don't own the .com you don't own your brand".

There were 5,954 insurance companies in 2017 in the U.S. alone and that is not to mention Canada and all the other countries where cannabis is now or will soon be legal.

There are three ways you can own all or a part of this amazing brand domain
1 Make an offer to buy
2 Joint venture with AIS to develop the site
3 Lease with option to buy

Estimates for the tremendous growth and value of the cannabis industry are all over the board but range in the billions of dollars in the next few years

An ex Wall Street banker who entered the cannabis funding industry called the Cannabis industry a generational wealth creation tool.

And in a recent insurance article Mark Simons senior vice-president, FINPRO, at brokers Bowring Marsh said "Cannabis could be a $2 trillion to $3 trillion industry in a decade and this will be an enormous insurance opportunity"

the article also mentioned "Cannabis companies currently are grossly underinsured versus traditional risks; this is a huge opportunity in and of itself and the universe is still small but new cannabis companies list daily so the market will continue to expand"

Don't risk losing this one-of-a-kind business asset.  Make an offer to buy now.

History has proven time and time again that with any life and fortune changing opportunity like the cannabis growth market, First in wins! The first one to recognize and seize this opportunity is the one who will win!

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